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Funny football quotations

11 Funny Football Quotations

Football is the most popular sport in America.  It only stands to reason, that some folks are going to try to poke a little fun at one of our favorites.  Here are 11 football quotes we found to be humorous. What do you think? 11 Funny Football Quotations "A football coach is a person who is willing to lay down your life for the good of his team." Author Unknown "On this team, we're all united in a … [Read More...]

Baseball and Basketball offseason workouts

New MVP Offseason Workouts: Baseball, Basketball and Softball

MVP Offseason Workouts are a new line of ebooks for young athletes ages 10 - 17 years old.  The baseball and basketball titles are currently available, and softball is scheduled to be published by the end of March. Each title provides a 6 or 9 week guided course for improving skills and getting in shape for the regular season. "We've packaged together 18 guided workouts in each title that will take … [Read More...]

Baseball off-season training

Winter Ball: Off-Season Youth Baseball Training You Can Do By Yourself

If you live in a climate where the winters are full of snow and cold, preparing for the baseball season can still be accomplished using a few tools and a little imagination. Your basement or your garage can be used to practice hitting, catching & throwing. Even if you live in a warm climate, there may be times when there is no one around to play catch or throw batting practice. All of the drills discussed … [Read More...]


Sport Coaches: 100 Sites You Need to Know About

Editor's Note:  The website http://sportsmanagementdegree.org has compiled a list of 100 Great Sites for Coaches.  From general coaching to basketball, baseball, multi-sport and more; there's something for just about every coach to use.  Here's an excerpt from the opening of their article. "A great coach can help athletes make the jump from having a promising career to having an Olympic medal. Much time, … [Read More...]

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